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About us

The Company F.I.A.L. LTD "France International Agro Alimanterwas set up in Bulgaria in 1991. It is a family company, made from French-Bulgarian capital under the direction of an exceptional and courageous entrepreneur: Mr. Tsvetko STOIMENOV

FIAL Ltd is a small wine producer who offers to  his many admirers a large collection of premium boutique wines named DAROBAS. The company also imports high-end tecnologies for vineyards: Deltex wire, bottling tecnolgies,  mashinery and winepress.

FIAL Ltd is the oficial importer of diferent  cosmetics and beauty products and tecnologies as Gernetic International- France, Bergman Beauty Care- Holland, Icoone-high end body and face treatments-Italy (, RBORIAN- Korean Skin Therapy.

FIAL Ltd propose luxurious apartments for rent at White Sails Aparthotel, Pomorie, Bourgas.

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